Increases Budget Savings

eCitation substantially reduces the cost of processing citations and allows law enforcement officers to spend more time on patrol and less time on paperwork.

eCitation saves states and local governments in several important ways:

  • It substantially reduces the cost of processing citations for both issuing departments and local court systems.
  • It allows law enforcement officers to focus on the important work of protecting citizens by reducing the amount of time needed for paperwork.
  • Financially, eCitation is high return-on-investment (ROI) solution that pays for itself by enabling law enforcement officers and local court systems to use digital technology to efficiently capture, transmit and process data.

For a city that issues 60,000 citations a year, some $560,000 in revenue could be saved each year through the use of eCitation technology.

eCitation reduces citation processing from 12 days to seconds.

Case Studies

Real life examples, case studies and research show how eCitation solutions have improved safety, accuracy, satisfaction, productivity and more.

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