Captures Lost Revenue

eCitation is a high ROI solution that pays for itself by combining enhanced efficiencies with the recapture of revenues lost from paper-based citation systems.

At a time when state and local governments are working hard to both hold the line on property and other taxes and maintain key services, eCitation’s powerful ROI can play an important role in assuring that lost citation revenue from paper-based citation systems is fully captured. This means greater efficiency and budget flexibility for municipalities while better enabling law enforcement officers to safely and efficiently do their jobs.

A growing number of states have considered or have passed legislation that would add a dedicated $5 fee to citations paid by violators in order to provide a small, dedicated funding source to assist in the acquisition and maintenance of eCitation systems for law enforcement and court systems. Illinois passed such a law in 2010 while Tennessee and Virginia passed similar laws in 2014.

eCitation = 98% citation accuracy.

If you have 20 patrol officers who issue five traffic citations a day, you can save 1,600 hours of patrol time a year. That’s nearly the equivalent of having another officer on patrol.

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When coupled with an electronic payment system, fines can be directly deposited immediately into municipality accounts, eliminating labor-intensive paper checks and deposits.

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