Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently-asked questions about eCitation systems and answers from our Coalition members. To expand each to read the answers, click on the + sign. To close the response, click on the – symbol.

What keeps hackers from compromising the eCitation system and destroying data?

eCitation solutions have to meet stringent federal standards for data encryption and security. Each solution may handle things in subtly different ways, but rest assured that the systems meet federal security guidelines such as FIPS 140-2 and other CJIS requirements.

What kinds of backups and fail safes are built into the system?

Each eCitation solution provider has its own way of handling backups and fail safes, and each has methods that have been proven in the marketplace for many years. Each has highly secure ways of managing data backups to ensure that tickets are never lost when being transmitted from the field to the data repository.

How much training will officers need before they become proficient with the system?

eCitation solutions use equipment that officers already are familiar with, such as laptop computers or ruggedized handheld computers. In addition, eCitation software is designed to be user friendly, so in the end, officer training is minimal. Even for novice computer users, officers can become proficient within a couple of work shifts.

What is the likelihood that a scanner or printer will malfunction?

eCitation hardware is designed to be highly rugged and is certified to withstand the harsh environmental conditions experienced by law enforcement officers. As with any piece of technology, periodic issues can occur, but due to the rugged design of these devices, you can expect very low failure rates (in fact, much lower than consumer grade devices).

Where do we go to buy an eCitation solution?

We encourage you to get to know the members of the eCitation Coalition and become familiar with the products and solutions they offer. eCitation Coalition-member companies are leaders in providing cost-saving, efficient solutions – from scanners and printers to the software that drives them – that help to make law enforcement safer and court systems and law enforcement more productive. Member companies include hardware manufacturers, distributors, value-added resellers and independent software vendors. Learn more about them.

How do we talk to the public about a system that gives us more time to issue citations?

It’s hard to argue with saving lives, reducing crime, doing more with less and reducing waste from a government function.

From a safety standpoint, remember that traffic enforcement is meant to curb driver behavior and help make the streets safer for citizens. Studies have shown that increasing enforcement can also help decrease traffic accidents. Annually, more officers die due to traffic collisions and being hit on the side of the road than by any other means. Reducing the amount of time spent on the side of the road during traffic can help improve officer safety.

From a productivity view, eCitation solutions significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to issue citations. By spending less time on a traffic stop, officers can spend more time patrolling. Modern policing techniques have shown that increased traffic enforcement in high crime areas has a direct correlation to reducing violent crimes in those areas.