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eCitation increases officer job satisfaction by making their jobs safer and increasing the time they can spend serving and protecting the community.

eCitation can help increase both officer job satisfaction and productivity by allowing officers to spend more time on patrol and less time on paperwork. eCitation increases officer safety by significantly reducing the amount of the time spent on the side of road. In turn, this also increases community safety as officers are able to spend more time on serving and protecting the community. Law enforcement officers are professionals, not bureaucrats. eCitation equips them to do the jobs they were hired to do – serve and protect – rather than filling out forms.

Being struck by a vehicle during a traffic stop is the leading cause of death for law enforcement officers.

Case Studies

Real life examples, case studies and research show how eCitation solutions have improved safety, accuracy, satisfaction, productivity and more.

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Read and watch news stories about how the issues that eCitation systems address and how eCitation has made a difference for law enforcement and court officials.

Ottawa, Canada Police Use eCitation for Fast Ticketing (video)