Electronic Citation (eCitation) is a mobile technology solution that automates the citation process.

Technology-leading states, counties and cities are helping law enforcement agencies and court systems employ eCitation to improve safety, reduce cost and capture the revenue lost from inefficient paper ticket systems.

The eCitation Coalition represents the full spectrum of companies involved in providing innovative electronic citation systems to state and local law enforcement and court systems. Members include value-added resellers and independent software vendors as well as hardware manufacturers and distributors. The mission of the eCitation Coalition is to educate policymakers, law enforcement and judicial officials, the public and the media on the multiple benefits of this exciting technology.

For Law Enforcement and Judicial Authorities

Law enforcement benefits from improved officer safety as time on the side of the road is substantially reduced.  Judicial systems gain improved efficiency that improves service to citizens and helps stretch budget dollars farther.

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For State Legislators and County & Municipal Officials

County and municipal governments are able to capture the revenue that is lost by paper-based citation system errors.  Through the passage of sensible policy, state legislatures and county and municipal governments can play key roles in bringing eCitation’s benefits to law enforcement, local courts and the taxpayer.

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For the Public 

Citizens benefit from a more time-efficient and accurate citation process and less time spent during traffic stops.

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"It gets my officers back on patrol faster while making digital citation information immediately available to our court system. We expect it will reduce errors and bottlenecks in our citation process."

− Chief Forbes, St. Francisville, Louisiana Police Department

"Our goal for deploying electronic ticketing was to streamline processes and reduce the time, effort and errors of the traditional paper citation involving the manual entry of data into our records management system. digiTICKET enables us to capture lost revenue without generating additional tickets while increasing an officer’s actual patrol time each shift. "

− Captain John Hubbard, Bentonville, Arkansas Police Administrative Division

"Since we implemented digiTICKET, we have experienced a great reduction in the number of errors in both police records and court records related to citations. It has also reduced the workload for our records staff eliminating the need to enter each individual citation into the records management system. In addition, our police officers really like digiTICKET because it makes issuing traffic citations quick and easy. "

− Chief Dan Hall, Jerome, Idaho Police Department

"We've seen how decreasing the amount of time it takes to write a citation can not only maximize productivity, but will also get officers and motorists off the sides of busy streets and highways, and therefore keeps both safer. "

− Deputy Chief Mike Haefner, Sapulpa, Oklahoma Police Department

"Like every other city, we are on a tight budget, but we also have a very popular visitor destination that keeps traffic volumes high throughout much of the evenings and weekends. We can’t afford to continuously increase manpower, but we can increase productivity allowing our officers to spend minimal time issuing tickets and maximize time patrolling the streets to keep our citizens safe. "

− Assistant Chief John Blish, Sapulpa, Oklahoma Police Department

"In simple terms, it's like adding several more patrol officers with no cost increase. I think it’s a tremendous part of our organization. It has increased our efficiency and the safety of our officers. Our stats show there has been a reduction in the number of vehicle collisions. "

− Assistant Chief Mike Carter, Sand Springs, Oklahoma Police Department

"The net result has been a reduction in handwriting errors and bottlenecks as well as reduced man hours to issue and process tickets in our RMS and Court systems."

− Chief Mike Knaps, Baker, Louisiana Police Department

"The system has reduced ticket errors and enabled us to speed up our court processing."

− Chief Mark Kizer, City of Bryant, Arkansas

""... the technology makes my job simpler, more effective, and safer -- a win on all accounts.”"

− Ian Lance, Jackson County, Oregon Sheriff’s Office